Communique 01

In this issue:

01 Henri Lefebvre / Socialism During Summer Vacations

02 Henri Lefebvre / Everyday Life, Socialism, Electronic Machines and Organization

03 Catherine Samary / A Crisis of Self-Management or of a political System?

04 Jovana Timotijević / Common(ing) Space

05 Elisa T. Bertuzzo / Our Moments and Our Actions, Our Spaces and Times, Our Works, in the Age of Translocalization

06 Uroš Pajović / Tomorrow: What, How, Where is Self-Management?

07 Vjenceslav Richter’s Yugoslav Pavilion at EXPO 58, Brussels, Belgium

Editor’s Remarks to the First Issue

Dear Reader, welcome to the first issue of Communiqué, a print and online publication exploring the contemporary pertinence and potentiality of historical socialist concepts.
This issue is the beginning of a volume which will explore *self-management (using an English word which represents a rough translation of Serbo-Croatian samoupravljanje or French autogestion; the words upravljanje and gestion, though not entirely interchangeable, besides management, also imply the meanings of directing, determination, administration, organization, etc.).
The issue presented here looks at historical instances of self-management, the theoretical explorations and the contemporary understandings of the concept, from a broad array of different perspectives and fields, in an effort to bring an elaborate, and still pertinent, social concept back from the margins of academic discussion and everyday, practiced experience alike, and to investigate the many ways to approach it, as well as set the foundations for its (hopefully) manifold future elaborations.
The first issue of Communiqué features two new English translations of texts by Henri Lefebvre, previously only available in French and Serbo-Croatian, as well as contributions by Catherine Samary (on the importance and particularities of the Yugoslav self-managed way in socialism); Jovana Timotijević (on urban commons, the right to the city, and the management thereof); Elisa T. Bertuzzo (on autogestion in spaces of everyday inhabitation and movement beyond the Euro-American space); and Uroš Pajović (on platiality of self-management, and its implications in today’s political landsace); and a visual exploration (on Vjenceslav Richter’s Yugoslav pavilion at 1958 EXPO, an important and rare vizualization and materialization of samoupravljanje).
I would like to thank the authors for their effort and willingness to be part of this publication, and to gift their time and knowledge to explorations of self-management.
With hope you will enjoy reading this, and all future issues of Communiqué,

in Berlin, November 2018
Uroš Pajović